It’s a rare combination when a person is the reason and the catalyst behind creating something extraordinary and then never acknowledges or takes credit for such creation. Jay Adams didn’t invent skateboarding or Dogtown. But what he brought to both cannot be denied in any way. It was the early 70’s and skateboarding was about to become little league and gymnastics when a small group of guys, led by Tony Alva and Jay Adams put a permanent stop to that by riding skateboards and living their life in a way that marked skateboarding forever. There was no plan to shape skateboarding or to create something. If anything, destruction was more part of the plan. Destroying a paradigm of compliance that had always been part of the American youth experience.

Jay Adams, with his totally unpredictable antics and style, both on and off his skateboard, through the unplanned process of creative destruction, made skateboarding come alive and created the rebellious individuality that has been a hallmark of skateboarding ever since. Jay Adams was the original seed. But you’d never hear anything like that come out of Jay’s mouth; that was never on his mind. Jay very much lived his life like he was eternally 15; there was never much of a plan, it was always about where are we’re surfing or skating today. “Where is the party tonight” might be the extent of a plan. The idea that Jay would pass too soon was both inevitable and unthinkable. But on the night of August 14, 2014 it happened. Jay had been in Mexico with his wife for three months surfing. That day, the waves were incredible and Jay couldn’t have been happier. Jay and Tracy had made beautiful plans together and lived their life together in a positive way. That night, for reasons that cannot be understood, Jay was called home.

To make sure that Jay gets a proper send off and that his surviving wife and family are taken care of, his sponsors are proud to come together to offer these totally limited edition Jay Adams Memorial T-Shirts, where 100% of the profits go to help the family with memorial expenses and setting things right for them.

The shirts are made in California of the highest quality cotton, printed with the finest inks and will be available for one month. It’s a slightly fitted tee that is thin and light to the feel of wearing and super soft to the touch.

The photos of Jay are shot by Jay’s friend and longtime Osiris photographer Hans Molenkamp and his sponsors Hurley, Z-Flex, Osiris, Tracker and Khiro stand behind this product 100%. We also caution you to beware of fake and counterfeit Jay Adams merchandise. This is the only and official Jay Adams memorial product that has been authorized by the family.


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