What does the T in the size drop down menu mean?
The T indicates half size - ex: 9T = 9.5
Can I have some free stickers?
Due to the overwhelming response we’ve gotten, we are no longer able to send free stickers. Sorry.
Do you ship internationally?
We are currently unable to ship out side of the US. Please see our International Distributors list for help finding retailers in your area.
How can I get sponsored by Osiris?
If you think you have what it takes, please send your video, resume, portfolio, or whatever it is you have to: Osiris Shoes, 5601 Palmer Way Carlsbad, CA 92010. If you are a skateboarder please write Attn: Skate TM. If you are a surfer please write Attn: Surf TM, and if you ride motocross please write Attn: Moto TM.
I am starting a skate shop. How do I get your wholesale price list?
Please contact our domestic sales department by calling (760) 692-5040. They can send you a new account application form. Complete and return this and if everything checks out, we’ll send a regional sales rep to your shop to get your account going!
We’re having a fundraiser, can you donate any products?
Everyday we get requests for fundraiser donations. Out of fairness we do not donate products, because if we donated to you, then we would have to donate products to everyone. If its something really special we might make an exception.
So-n-so is my favorite pro, can I have his phone number/address/autograph?
It is our policy not to give out information about a skater without their consent. You can send a letter or an email to us and we’ll forward it for you.
I want to get a skatepark started in my city. Can you help me?
There is an organization called the IASC and they can help. They’re the International Association of Skateboard Companies and they seek to help skaters create public skateparks. In order for them to help, you need to get them the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your city or town’s officials: Mayor, City Council, City Manager, Parks and Recreation Director, Youth Activity Director, Chief of Police, and State Legislators. The more info you can give them the better. Send them your info to get the ball rolling.